NFL Week 13 & 14 – In 5 Words or Less

Aight guys, since we missed last weeks posting, I’m treating to everyone to a double dip this week. Enjoy

The first statements are made by Mark of Amplification Nation Podcast and the second by Savier of The InterActive Podcast.


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Week 14 – In 5 Words or Less

49ers – They couldn’t buy a win // Carlos Hyde went in!

Bears – At least Jeffery’s coming back // Barkley doesn’t look too bad.

Bengals – Eifert returning to form // Bengals still suck

Bills – Poor defensive showing // Wonder if Philly misses Shady?

Broncos – QB position will cost them // WRs dropped too many passes

Browns – Just a terrible team overall // 0-16, its hapoening

Buccaneers – Find a way to win // Well, damn, 8-5!

Cardinals – Everything going wrong this season // Bye, Bye Floyd!

Chargers – I don’t get this team // Bro, neither do I.

Chiefs – Took over division from Raiders // They win … period.

Colts – Blew their chances for playoffs // ….. maybe.

Cowboys – Defense played, offense no show // R. E. L. A. X

Dolphins – Scary play, but Tannehill okay // Close call

Eagles – Pre-Season Champs though // … Desean Jackson!?

Falcons – Laid the Smackdown // It was the Rams, chill.

Giants – Without Odell, team has nothing // < Preach!

Jaguars – Huge regression season // Bortles is booty.

Jets – Bilal Powell is coming // Bilal, finally getting his chance!

Lions – Could Stafford injury doom Lions? // Toughness!

Packers – Rodgers back, but gets hurt… // We got a magic tent.

Panthers – Cam looked like a grandma // Is this the real Cam?

Patriots – Best team at the moment // Brady = G. O. A. T

Raiders – Lost division and First Seed // Theyll be fine.

Rams – Bye Bye Jeff Fisher // About fuxking time!

Ravens – Cost me my fantasy playoffs // So, good or bad?

Redskins – Tie may haunt them // Tie may help them

Saints – Brees was not good today // Bree’s playing terribly.

Seahawks – Team isn’t winning anything // Still a scary playoff team.

Steelers – Leveon entered MVP race // DJ still my choice.

Texans – Nice seeing Lamar Miller run // First round Exit.

Titans – Bad Mariota, but just enough // Nice win, ugly, but nice.

Vikings – Can’t score touchdowns in redzone // Bradford traded for a 1st.

Week 13 – In 5 Words or Less

49ers – 4 yards, are you kidding??!!!?!?! // What. The. Actual. FUCK!?

Bears – Howard running for days // That’s a lot of carries.

Bengals – Dalton balling without Green // Will still miss the playoffs/

Bills – Shady running, not much else // Getting healthier though.

Broncos – Paxton worse than Siemian // Booker looks like shit.

Browns – They had a bye week // and still took an L.

Buccaneers – Team is making a charge! // Crab legs for everyone!

Cardinals – Still making a push // Let’s get that WR tag!

Chargers – Gordon has been surprisingly good // Williams is pretty fast.

Chiefs – Berry with all the Interceptions // PAY THE MAN!

Colts – Layed the Smackdown on Jets // Petty? HA. Ok, sure.

Cowboys – Needed to have close game // Very nice.

Dolphins – Poor poor performance // So much for winning.

Eagles – Wentz showing his rookie mistakes // The tank is on.

Falcons – Sucks to lose like that // RBs have been MIA.

Giants – Eli cost them this game // Odell, please, shut your mouth.

Jaguars – No running backs left healthy // TOBY, TOBY, TOBY!

Jets – Where they at doe?!! // Wow, the embarrassment.

Lions – Weren’t losing in fourth quarter // 1st place thooooooo.

Packers – Quietly won last two games // Defense still sucks.

Panthers – Shoulda brought a tie // #DressCode

Patriots – Beat bad team at home // Malcolm Mitchell!

Raiders – Come from behind victory // Carr was masterful.

Rams – Extension for Fisher?? Say whattttttt // I deserve a coaching job.

Ravens – Flacco would have career day // Good job, wont happen again.

Redskins – Loss will cost them playoffs // You like that?!

Saints – Brees was bad at home // WOW, SO, SO, SO BAD.

Seahawks – Up and Down and Up // Hopefully, down for Packers sake.

Steelers – Took advantage of Eli mistakes // Will win Division.

Texans – Gonna lose this division lead // Brock, you suck.

Titans – They had a bye week

Vikings – Had every chance to win // …. Too bad, so sad.



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