MCP: The One With Carmen Valentina | Podcast | The Man Cave



The Man Cave Podcast just can’t be stopped! This week we have a smoking hot interview with Carmen Valentina. She is the star of the infamous team bj video which made her the biggest patriots fan of all time. She gives us one of the most open and honest interviews we have ever had. Want to know what the biggest lie in porn is? Then you better listen to this show!

We also have a brand new installment of Man Cave Championship Wrestling. The Cliq “One Fall” wants to ban physical contact and it is really screwing everything up at the brew house. We have one great MCCW wrestling this week to save us from this hell! But if he or she loses they get kicked out forever!

Also we cover the biggest twitter fight we have ever had here at the show. Its a helluva story. Did I mention guy stuff and sports talk? This is pretty much the greatest podcast we have ever done this week. Thanks for checking it out!



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