Man Cave Tuesday Sports Rundown

I feel lost… I feel more lost than the people from the TV show lost because I no longer have football on sundays. This happens every year when I pretend to care about hockey and start studying up on college basketball so  I have a chance to win $30 in my NCAA office bracket. I know  you all are suffering with me so here are some sports articles to share. Hit me up on twitter to chat about them @MANCAVEPODCAST

This was a smart thing to do and honestly he’s underpaid cause ladies dig the long ball

MLB protecting their players vaginas since 1904

Why now….In Phil we trust?

Huh I had her at 2:21 and lost money because of it

So this guy is done and I meant to talk about it on the show but here’s his house haha

He’s the Goat not the G.O.A.T most people liked him more than I

Poppin bottles getting the cred he deserves


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