Guess Who?

What’s up everybody?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last shown my face around here. But I figured I’d pop in, say hello, have a couple of drinks, and chew the fat a bit.

Anyway, I’ve been on hiatus because I’m working on two book projects. I’m re-releasing my first book Nice Guys Finish Last in paperback, hopefully in June. The artwork just needs to be approved so I’ll keep you posted. The second book may come out in December but more than likely it’ll be first of the year. The manuscript is due to my editor in August and I’m always reminded of the deadline since we’re in the same writers group (actually, it’s pretty ironic and funny at the same time).

I’ve been trying to keep up with you guys in the meantime. I saw the ManCave Wrestling Tournament and I should’ve said something. During National Signing Day in college football, a name popped up on the radar that may have worked.

Kobe Buffalomeat.

This is an actual person. This kid out west made his commitment to Illinois State and announcers and analysts went nuts over his name. He’s of Native American descent and his dad named him after Kobe Bryant.

I think you could’ve had fun with that.

I wish I could’ve made it down to Orlando for Wrestlemania with you guys but I did watch it on pay-per-view. I know it’s late but just a few observations:

• That runway leading to the ring was way too long and too big. The wrestlers looked tiny coming down.
• Good to see the Hardy Boys back in the WWE, but they get the titles first match in? I was hoping Enzo and Cass were going to win.
• Triple H-Seth Rollins match was good but too long. It took the buzz away from the two title matches.
• The Undertaker’s retirement deal was badass, but did he have to lose to Roman Reigns? Of all the superstars?

Well, I’m going back to hiding to work on these books. I’ll pop my head up later.

Peace out.

Oh, and one more thing. Jeff…college football season starts Labor Day weekend. You better put it on your calendar.


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