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If you have watched WWE’s hot “NXT” brand, then you no doubt are familiar with the inexhaustibly energetic Mojo Rawley. As one half of the Hype Bros. (with former Internet and Intercontinental Champ Zack Ryder), Mojo is known for “staying Hyped” (that’s hyp-ED)—and that can mean anything from owning opponents in the ring with massive shoulder tackles to all night dance parties surrounded by more hot chicks than an estrogen magnet.

Though he has flirted with main roster glory, Mojo has yet to have the major Raw/Smackdown debut which can make talent a household name. Since I am absolutely certain that his time is near, I’d like help the casual WWE fan get acquainted with Mojo Rawley through a comparison with someone whose name is known both in and out of wrestling circles: John Cena.


1.) Both John Cena And Mojo Rawley Were Standout Football Players

John Cena enjoyed a stellar career during his days at DIII Springfield College as an All-American Center for the Pride. Similarly, Mojo Rawley began his college football career at Christopher Newport University, a DIII school in his home state of Virginia. While Cena graduated from Springfield and went on to pursue bodybuilding, Mojo transferred to The University of Maryland, where he would earn a scholarship and contribute at every position on the defensive line for the ACC team. (Rawley would later find his way to the NFL and by all accounts was on track for a solid career until sidelined by injury).

2.) Two Big Men With Incredible Work Ethic

We all know that John Cena has a legendary dedication to his fitness routine and is one of the hardest working individuals in the company. In fact, his overflowing energy reserves and commitment to goals has ushered him from WWE stardom into the ordinary pop culture conversation with popular Hollywood roles and regular “Today Show” appearances.

Possessing similar super-human vigor, Mojo Rawley regularly Tweets about his 3 and 4 workout days. (Not only is he an incredibly strong strength athlete, Rawley also swaps strikes with MMA great “Silverback” Seth Petruzelli and is a regular Yoga practitioner). What’s more, some of these workouts are taking place at hours when statements like “last call” and “bar beautiful” are on the minds of us regular schmucks.

3.) Split Right Down the Middle

(By no means is this considered a negative, which is partially why I chose Cena as a comparison. As long as people are reacting, that’s a good thing).

During his 15-plus year wrestling career, John Cena has almost always had a persona that equally as many people “boo” as cheer when the Superstar’s music hits and he enters an arena.

Meanwhile, in the “NXT Universe” Mojo normally runs out to a great mixed chorus of hyped cheering and the jeers of those who wish he would take it EZ and don’t believe the hype.

4.) Alms for the Poor

Most of us know that John Cena has granted more wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation than any other celebrity. Tales of his charity and willingness to engage with fans come from across the globe. He is one of the most approachable celebrities, and tries to maintain a great rapport with his millions of fans via social media.

While Mojo may not have the legions of followers that Cena does (yet), Rawley routinely kicks it with fans who think they can hang with the Hype Man’s energy. His hand-shaking and baby-kissing game is on point, and one can almost always get a selfie at a house show or a Twitter “like” from this excessively cool Bro.

Editor’s note: (If you have not yet watched the “Breaking Ground” segment with Mojo Rawley, it is a “must see.” Some people can tolerate stardom and interacting with fans, but Rawley does it with a genuine enthusiasm and desire to relate with those who support him. I would challenge you to watch the interaction between Rawley and Jordyn, a local kid who shows Mojo an outstanding school report card. That is reality TV at its best).

While it is highly debatable to say that Mojo Rawley will evolve into the first-ballot Hall of Fame wrestler that John Cena is, it is more than fair to say that Rawley possesses an abundance of the same qualities which have launched The Prototype into popular stardom.

Of course, you don’t have to take me at my word—you can catch Mojo Rawley weekly on the WWE Network’s NXT (also available on Hulu)– and almost certainly on main roster programming in the very near future.



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