Episode 312: The Last Man Cave Podcast



This feels like the saddest celebration I have ever been a part of and will end up being a great and creepy trip down memory lane. Six years ago I started The Man Cave Podcast with Bobby Shortle. It came off my first failed podcast idea which was called THE NEED TO KNOW NEWS. The Man Cave was set up to be a place where guys could go to talk about the stuff they loved. Sports, Women and Beer. It was and remains a simple idea. We had the opportunity to interview some really great people and I tell you, no show ever had a more attractive list of guests. I started noticing a few years ago that every podcast had a podcast and half of those interviewed porn stars. I dedicated myself to the idea of being the best at it and I really think we might have been. I always had the thought of interviewing these girls with the respect that the deserved and probably were not getting from other shows. Learn about their lives and their passions so the listener could become a fan of who the girls were not just what they did on screen. I am proud of the interviews we have done and I hope you all have enjoyed them.


The People I have met along the way had been unbelievable. The last few days on twitter have really opened up my eyes to how many people we have come across over all this time. Maybe people didn’t listen every week but they were a part of the man cave and I don’t know if I will ever come across anything like that. I always had this idea of the man cave being more than a show but it becoming a community. I never thought I got there but looking back now, maybe I did and I just didn’t see it. Everyone seems to have a great story about their first show or their favorite moment. I always saw success of the man cave as measured by downloads per week or how much of a chance we had to be picked up by Sirius radio, but when I step back and look at the last few days of everyone reaching out that will be the success I will judge every project on going forward. It really has been incredible. From form NFL QB’s to pro wrestlers, to the hottest adult starts you could imagine to some of the coolest dudes I have ever come across, the community of The Man Cave Podcast was there and I thank you so much for that.


The first two years of this show couldn’t have happened without Bobby Shortle stepping in and getting us off the ground and there is no doubt that the last two years could not have happened without Shawn Staerker and everything he has done. ManCaveMania alone was such a great live event for the show. A group of people with the same interest recording a show outside one of the biggest events in wrestling. Some of the crowd was there to see us and some of the crowd just wanted to watch something cool and fun. Shawn put in so much hard work and so much creativity I feel like I have let him down because this show didn’t end up being our full time job, because we didn’t have the success we deserved or had the talent for. I guess things like that you can’t control but boy it was a good time. I hope we stay as close as we are now and I hope we end up working on more projects in the future. Man Cave Championship Wrestling lives in his name. I will support in any way I can.


Speaking on new projects, I will be launching a new podcast in the next few weeks. It will be very different but I think its going to be a really entertaining show. It will be called “CHANGING HISTORY” It will be a comedic but really smart show where we change one piece of history and watch the pieces fall where they may. If The FBI doesn’t mention they may have found more suspicious emails of Hillary’s, how does that effect the election? Does trump still win? If Hillary wins what is the first difference we would notice? What would be different today? Or more fun topics, like what happens if Drew Bledsoe never gets hurt, or if Batman’s mother survives the shooting at the theater that night? Should lead to some smart and hilarious conversations. I assume if you have read this much that you are a fan so I am going to need your support on this one. When you launch a new show a lot of the success depends on how many reviews, subscribers and downloads you get as soon as your podcast takes off. So I will need all of this haha.


Writing this and basically ending my biggest passion over the last six years has been much harder than I ever thought. But I realized just cause you take Tony Stark out of the suit doesn’t mean he is no longer Iron Man. This show has been my suit of armor and I will forever be The Man Cave Podcast.





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