My Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. For the past week, countless advertisements have played over the airwaves promoting candy, flowers, teddy bears, massages, and all kinds of gifts that people (mostly men) should buy that special someone. And Sunday, it all comes down to that special day of Hearts.

I say, “Fuck this shit.”

I’m not saying this because I’m single. I’m not saying this because my friend wanted to put together a double date and I couldn’t get one. I’m not even saying this because one woman I was interested in told me she didn’t feel a connection with and I was “wasting my time” trying to meet again, or another who has gone M.I.A. after I’ve called over the past couple of weeks, or even the one who actually is decent but also bi-polar.

I say what I say for this reason. Why does it take this one day for people to go all out to show appreciation for the person they are with. Seriously, you wait to go all out for one day in February? Does anybody give this kind of effort at any other time of the year?


Look, I believe in love. I believe in relationships. I’ve got plenty of great examples around me that prove that finding that special someone and spending the rest of your life is the best satisfaction in the entire world. But I have seen any of them go batshit crazy trying to scarf up gifts galore on Valentine’s Day.

As for me, I’ll be at home having a nice dinner of baked chicken and black bean soup while watching Phil Mickleson try to win this week at Pebble Beach. Let the other guys buy out the nearest florist shop and scramble to fulfill reservations at fancy restaurants. Sunday is not Valentine’s Day for me.

It’s just Sunday.


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