3 Awesome WWF Coliseum Video Covers

Remember when you were a kid and going to the video store was the highlight of your week? The choices seemed endless and the idea of getting to pick what you were going to rent made you feel like a VIP. When I was a growing up this was my video store:


     Orland Video: Two floors of glory for a young me. Even though my choices were endless, I always ended up renting the same thing: WWF Coliseum Video Tapes.

     Back when these VHS tapes were popular they knew you had to make awesome cover art to make consumers like myself want to rent or buy the tape. There was no Internet to look up match reviews or the content of the tape, you had to go off how great the cover art was. So with that, I present to you three awesome Coliseum video covers:



Look at this! Hulk Hogan and Brutus The Barber Beefcake behind a blue cage! I don’t even care who they are wrestling I just want to see them in action. This was a tape I rented multiple times as a kid and now that I’m older and have watched it again I have no idea why. The matches are awful and there is nothing special about this release, but man that cover art gets me feeling nostalgic just looking at it.


2. Survivor Series 1993

This one I shouldn’t even need to explain why it’s so awesome.. but I’ll try. First off it has The Undertaker, Lex Luger, and the Steiner Brothers in cartoon form. Second, they are all around a freaking turkey! Next, just look at those colors, purple and yellow just scream early 90’s. This is another tape I rented over and over but couldn’t tell you why, I don’t think there is one good match on the entire show but to me in 1993, that didn’t matter because seeing the Undertaker ready to pounce on a turkey was all I needed to rent this.


3. WWF Rampage 92

At first glance this tape is nothing special, Ultimate Warrior is on the cover which is cool but nothing too crazy. That is until you look closer, look at the bottom of the cover and you’ll see the words “40 Man Battle Royale!” I LOVED battle royals, still do today but seeing that was all I needed to bring this tape home and watch it on repeat all weekend.


This is just a small taste of the Coliseum Video library, and in the future I’ll look to revisit more of them. What are some of your favorite Coliseum Video tapes? Let me know on twitter @steve_fount

Until next time..

-Steve Fountas

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